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in a nutshell

Why literacy?

Poor literacy has wide-ranging negative effects. It disempowers people. It influences quality of life, education, careers, future prospects and participation in society. The Western Cape Department of Education is determined to improve the literacy levels of learners in both primary and high schools, but they need support from families, communities and the private sector. 

Growsmart aims to promote the importance of a skill that can positively impact the direction of a child's life, and to support those who teach that skill.

Growthpoint Properties

In 2009 Growthpoint Properties decided to make a corporate social investment in education. The result was Growsmart, an initiative to support the Western Cape Education Department in helping to improve literacy levels in primary schools. Today, six Growthpoint shopping centres in the Western Cape are actively involved in Growsmart. They are Longbeach Mall, The Constantia Village, Golden Acre, Middestad Mall, MontClare Place and Picbel Parkade. 

The Western Cape Education Department

Growthpoint works closely with the Western Cape Education Department to ensure that Growsmart is relevant and applicable to the teaching curriculum for Grades 4 to 6. Teachers, principals, district managers and head office personnel volunteer their time and energy to make Growsmart a practical part of the school day and to assist in the competition rounds. 

Making dreams come true

The United Nations' International Literacy Day is on the 8th of September each year, which is also the final round of the Growsmart competition – the day on which the winners are rewarded with substantial prizes worth more than R 500 000 (this year the final will be held on the 3rd of September, because the 8th falls on a Thursday). There are many inspiring, heart-warming stories that have come out of Growsmart, plus heaps of positive feedback from parents, teachers and learners. Click here for more.
Picbel Parkade Mall
Middestad Mall
MontClare Place Longbeach Mall
Golden Acre Shopping Centre
Constantia Village