How are the participating schools chosen?

Participating schools are selected by the Education Departments.

How many learners are there in a team?

Each school is represented by one team of three learners. The team members are selected from the pool of learners in Grades 4, 5 and 6.

What must our team do to prepare for the Growsmart competition?

The literacy participants can prepare for the competition by doing the exercises in the Growsmartnewspaper (four copies during the year). The newspapers can be used for classroom reading practice, as the content is based on the curriculum. All the words and questions used in the competition rounds come from these. The only time words from the newspaper are not used, is when there is a tie, i.e. two or more teams have the same high score at the end of a competition round. Only then will they be asked to spell words that are not in the newspapers. 

Story Writing & Poetry

Who can enter?

Learners are selected from grades 4, 5 & 6. Each participant will receive a planning workbook for notes and ideas, a nature study book for writing down the final story and stationery.

What must the story and/or poem be about?

There are various topics (which mentors will be provided with). Each participant may choose any of these topics.

How can the learners illustrate the book?

Learners must use the stationery in the writing toolkit (and any other personal stationery) to draw illustrations on the blank pages to match the storyline. They can freely use their imagination, creativity and innovation, but it must be their own work.

What is the deadline for the completed Creative Writing Workbook to be returned?

The completed Creative Writing Workbook, together with the planning books, must be returned by no later than the deadline date provided. The evaluation matrix can be found in the launch booklet provided. The Creative Writing Workbook will be marked by The Western Cape Education Department, Growthpoint and volunteers.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners of the Story writing competition will be announced at the Growsmart final in September.


What tips can you give us?

It is the team’s job to identify a problem and then think about possible solutions. Once you have an idea in mind for a problem that you would like to solve, it’s time to start brainstorming. Create a mind-map with
your problem and your possible solution (your invention). Use scientific methodology to help your team
come up with the ultimate solution to the problem that they have identified.


Is there a specific way/ formality of communicating during the debate?

Debating has a specific style in which a debate is conducted, this style enforces respect unto fellow debaters and consists of the following, one can speak to your team members, quietly, if a debate is underway. No distractions are allowed but if someone is in agreement of an argument the words “hear, hear” can be said, or a gentle “knock-knock” on a table. This is not to distract the speaker but rather a gesture of agreeing and supporting the fellow speaker. A team can also be in support of an argument raised by the other team if they know it will help their next speaker’s case. The audience can also engage in this manner with gentle knocks and waves. No swearing or discriminating or racially disrespectful language will be tolerated. If a debate “opens up” or anything disrespectful happens the chair says “order”.

Is there a specific way of presenting my debate topic?

The role of the speakers for a proposition and/or opposition are as follows that Learner one has to present and lay the foundation of the case by defining the motion. They will be expected to present their side’s opinion and arguments therefore. Learner two will rebut the arguments as given by the other side. Learner three has to restructure the debate by way of filtering the key issues and providing a rebuttal. This speaker is referred to as the rebuttal-speaker. Reply speaker – this is known as the right of reply and is given by either the first or second speaker of the team. The role of the reply speaker is to outline one or more points of contention and emphasise the reasons why their team has won the debate.

General Questions

What if a team member can no longer participate in the competition?

The team may continue with only two members, but not less than two. You may have a substitute learner who can take the place of someone who has dropped out, but then the substitute becomes a permanent team member. The learner who dropped out can no longer participate and will not be eligible for any prizes. You may not replace a team member simply because you think they are not doing well enough. The Growsmart organisers will have to give approval for the replacement of a team member and their decision will be based on the circumstances.

Can I enter more than one competition category?

No, you may only compete in one Growsmart competition category. You also cannot have competed in any previous Growsmart competitions.